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We believe in a world where every child has access to quality early learning and care.


California Runs On Child Care

California child care providers allow working parents to do their jobs every day, knowing their children are in a safe and caring learning environment.

But despite their dedication to early education, family child care providers—a majority Black and Brown women—often make less than minimum wage and most do not have access to retirement benefits or paid sick days. Lack of permanent state funding for health care for providers further adds to the instability.

As a result, many dedicated providers are struggling to keep their doors open, fewer early educators are entering the profession, and parents are struggling to find quality, affordable child care in their communities.

Together in their union, Child Care Providers United, providers are fighting to win respect for their profession and improve child care options for working parents. In their current contract negotiations with the State of California, providers are fighting for:

Fair Pay that is based on the true cost of running a child care business

Currently, the state of California uses an outdated payment system that does not cover the true cost of care and severely undervalues the experience and commitment of family child care providers. As a result, this women-of-color led workforce has long struggled to survive on rates that meet just 25-30% of their current costs to provide quality child care.

Stability in the child care industry

We’re fighting for all providers to have retirement benefits, health care, and paid time off. Respecting the profession by offering providers the same benefits as other educators will ensure family child care providers can continue to do the work they love and more providers will enter the profession.

Increased Access to Quality, Affordable Child Care for Working Families

Providers are demanding increased funding for more child care vouchers for families and a permanent end to family fees. Additionally, an expansion of hard-to-find child care for families needing help on weekends and evenings or for children who have special needs, by increasing pay for providers offering these services.

Take Action

Support California’s child care providers in their fight for respect and to improve the child care industry. Here’s how:

Send a Message to Governor Newsom

Tell Governor Newsom that you support child care providers as they fight for respect for their profession and to expand child care options for working parents.

Tell Your Child Care Story

What does your child provider mean to you? We want to hear your story about how your provider has helped your family and children thrive.


Child care providers are essential workers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, providers stepped up to care for the kids of front-line workers and filled in the learning gap for school-aged children impacted by distance learning. As we move beyond the crisis, they continue to be the bedrock of working families—especially among Black and Latino communities.


We are Child Care Providers United—

a union of over 40,000 child care providers throughout California working in partnership with parents, early childhood education advocates and our state legislators to fix the state’s child care crisis, improve our profession and the quality of care through policy advocacy, grassroots community organizing, and our collective voice. We are guided by the belief that all children and families should have access to quality early education and care.

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