Child Care Providers United (CCPU), California’s union representing 40,000 family child care providers, today celebrated Governor Newsom’s signature on AB 131 – legislation that cements into law funding for the historic agreement the women-led union forged with the Administration in June, along with previously agreed upon COVID-19 investments. The bill also funds investments providers have spent decades advocating for, including a sizable increase in subsidized child care slots.

CCPU released the following statement from Miren Algorri, a San Diego child care provider and member of the CCPU negotiations team, who has spent the past year negotiating on these issues with the state, on behalf of California’s child care providers:

“As a second-generation child care provider, I am elated that our decades-long fight has made a meaningful difference for providers, the children in our care, and the families who count on us. Today’s gathering means not only that funding for our tentative agreement was signed into law, but that care will become more accessible to working parents, and more children will have the opportunity to start school ready to learn. We know that access to affordable, quality child care will be essential to the economic recovery from COVID-19, and we applaud Governor Newsom and state legislators for making sure California has funding to support making our child care system the best in the country.

“I also want to thank the legislators who stood by us throughout our fight for union recognition, our first contract, and the most recent battle to invest in the care our youngest learners need, along with the families who count on us. Assembly Speaker Rendon, Senate President Pro tem Atkins; and child care champions, Senators Limón, Skinner, and Leyva, and Assemblymember Reyes lifted our voices and the voices of California children to ensure that our state budget left no one behind. We are grateful to have these strong leaders in our corner and in the corner of California’s early learners.”

By signing AB 131, the Governor has ratified the state’s tentative agreement with CCPU. The results of providers’ votes for ratification will be made public when voting closes on Monday, July 26.