Nearly 100 Child Care Providers United (CCPU) members, advocates, and children gathered at the Capitol in Sacramento in a candlelight vigil remembering fellow providers who lost their lives over the past year. The memorial called for the Governor and State Lawmakers of California to keep their promise to help providers access critical, affordable basic health care services and pointed to the many deaths that could have been prevented if providers already had this health care coverage. 

Our sister Deborah shared the story of her dear friend and fellow provider Tonya, whose funeral took place earlier that day, “While providing a safe space for young learners, Tonya had no protection herself. She lost her life after a massive heart attack right in front of the kids in her daycare. She lacked health care. Her death was preventable.” 

Our fight is not over! We know sacrificing our health due to low wages and unaffordable health coverage is UNACCEPTABLE. Providers should no longer need to delay basic, preventative care or urgent treatment because of their costs. 

Providers will continue to remember the heroic battles our close friends and fellow providers endured as we demand the state to deliver on our contract’s commitment to expanding access to affordable, quality basic health care benefits.

 You can view the vigil in its entirety here: