Child Care Providers, Medical Professionals Rallied Outside of Los Angeles Hospital, to Call on Governor Newsom to Make Good on Promise for Affordable Health Insurance for Providers

Child care providers from across Southern California gathered at the LAC+USC Medical Center on Thursday, April 21, to demand Governor Newsom deliver on his public commitment to improve access to quality, affordable health care for providers, a large percentage of whom are underinsured and left to choose between mammograms and paying their mortgages.

More than 50% of California family child care providers have reported delayed or postponed medical treatment due to lack of health insurance or being underinsured. 20% reported being uninsured and unable to afford the most basic plan through Covered California. In CCPU’s historic first contract and in his January budget, Governor Newsom has made public commitments to supporting the essential work done by providers but so far these words have not translated into any meaningful improvements in providers’ access to health care and retirement that will allow them to continue working with dignity. 

Remarks from the press conference:

“I have experienced firsthand the difficulties and sacrifices of not having insurance. I am constantly crossing the border into Tijuana, Mexico to receive a wide range of treatments, including medical services and lab work because I am not able to afford it here in the U.S. And I do this every two weeks! It is still a struggle. But it’s what I can afford. ” Justine Flores, Family Child Care Provider of East Los Angeles and CCPU member

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to treat a child but their parents have not been able to see a doctor because they lack insurance. This is unacceptable and only creates unhealthy communities for all. Parents and caregivers – those that our young ones lean on – should first and foremost have the resources to care for themselves.” Dr. Adam Freeman, Pediatrician at LAC+USC medical center 

“The doctors told me that day I went into the E.R with the infection in my ankle, that if I would have just gone home and continued to forgo care, I would have lost my life. And this is the sad reality for so many providers here in Los Angeles and throughout California. We continue to forgo care because we are very limited to health care options and we simply just can’t afford it.” Natasha Finister, Family Child Care Provider of Hawthrone and CCPU member.