Child Care Providers United (CCPU) members gathered at the State Capitol in Sacramento on Tuesday, May 3, to call on the Newsom Administration to meet their demands for quality affordable health care and the ability to retire with dignity. In his January budget, Governor Newsom committed to supporting the essential work done by providers, but in the months since, his words have not resulted in agreements that make any improvement in providers’ health care and retirement access. 

“Governor Newsom, you said we are essential workers and you promised to help us get access to health care. Every day that we wait for health coverage could be the day that we really need it,” said Alicia Turner, a family child care provider and cancer survivor. “Honor your promises and ensure that family child care providers have access to quality, affordable care—before it’s too late.”

 “As the Supreme Court lashes out at healthcare nationally, let’s stand California strong by providing healthcare access and retirement support to our child care providers,” said Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles). “As a father, I know the importance child care providers have in nurturing our children. Providers were on the front lines during the pandemic and they deserve to retire with dignity and respect. It’s that simple.”

 “Child care providers do some of the most important work in our society,” said Maria Antonieta Jandres, a mother of three children in San Francisco. “It’s time we invest in them and their futures, in the same way they invest in our children and our children’s futures.” 

View the full live stream of the event here.