Breaking: Child Care Providers United Members vote overwhelmingly to approve 2-year Collective Bargaining Agreement with the state!

Thousands of CCPU members voted YES to approve Tentative Agreement

Child Care Providers United members voted overwhelmingly to approve their  2-year Collective Bargaining Agreement with the state! Once this new contract is ratified by the state of California, it will be effective through July 1, 2025.

Once state legislators approve the ratified contract, and it is signed by Governor Newsom, this new contract will go into effect.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • a pathway to implement payment based on the actual cost of providing care
  • a subsidy rate increase per child
  • $80 million per year for a historic first-of-its-kind retirement fund
  • Continued funding for CCPU Health Care Reimbursement Fund and CCPU Training Fund
  • a two-year extension to payment by enrollment, not attendance
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