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Thousands of child care centers shutter, spelling bad news for California

Across California 8,500 licensed child care sites have shut down since the pandemic began, taking with them tens of thousands of child care slots for kids who need care while their parents work or attend school. The decimation of the child care industry has dire implications for the state going forward

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The precarious state of American child care

Deborah Corley Marzett hasn’t missed a day of work since the pandemic started. When supplies like toilet paper and paper towels were scarce, the family child care provider was up before dawn to stand in line at the store. When schools were closed and older children started to come to her for remote learning, she bought new tables and upgraded her internet so they could Zoom into their lessons.

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California Child Care Spaces Have Been Disappearing For Years. The Pandemic Is Making It Even Harder To Survive

At the onset of the pandemic, researchers warned that half of California's child care slots could disappear permanently. Reporters at the LAist requested the number of permanent and temporary closures, broken down by county, from the agency that licenses child care, the California Department of Social Services to see just how close that prediction was to coming true almost a year later.

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The Child Care System is Facing Collapse. Could Unionizing Help Bring the Industry Back From the Brink?

In California, child care providers won a 16-year battle for the right to unionize. How far can unionization go to save an industry afflicted by low pay, poor working conditions and now the coronavirus?

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