Do You Live in a Child Care Desert?

A ‘child care desert‘ refers to an area where the need for child care far outpaces the supply.

Before the pandemic, 6 in 10 Californians lived in a child care desert. This problem has only worsened as thousands of family child care providers have closed over the last year due to skyrocketing costs and poverty wages. Child care is critical infrastructure, and change is needed.

But change is only possible if providers can negotiate a robust first contract with the state, ensuring they receive the rate increase they need to make enough money to support themselves and grow their businesses.

We’ve created the maps below to help California residents and their elected representatives understand the pervasiveness of child care deserts in the senate and assembly districts where they live. We believe every child should receive high-quality, affordable care and that providers should receive the respect they deserve for serving their communities.

If you agree, click or tap here to send a message to Governor Newsom telling him to come to the bargaining table and pay providers a living wage. Learn more about what we’re asking for in our first contract.

Note: These legislative district childcare desert maps are based on data that was kindly provided by the Center for American Progress. For more information on CAP’s pioneering research on childcare deserts, visit

Help Eradicate Child Care Deserts: Send a Message to the Governor